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Civil engineering plans are the detailed drawings that cover all the infrastructure that connects to a building. Civil services are water, power, gas, sewer etc. Without this infrastructure, frankly speaking, your building will be a great shelter.
When we develop the civil engineering plans, we ensure that all the local government and service providers regulations are meet. Each service provider and infrastructure owner has different requirements not only in the connection types but also the way in which the connection work must be carried out. Some even go as far as outlining how to manage workers safety.
With our civil planning and documenting, we take all this into account. Our level of expertise doesn’t simply lay with the connection to a single building. We can do all the civil infrastructure design and planning for your new estate as well.
With our civil plans you can lodge all your applications confidently. If required we can do the hard work of submitting your service applications. Either way, you know that we have you covered.



Mechanical plans are all the plans and drawings of the different services within the building. This includes all the electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning, and any other services required within the building.
While the architect is designing the building they keep in mind, all the services necessary for the building. Allowing provisions for the mechanical requirements is just as important as allowing for the structural components of the building.
Services can take up a lot of space; this becomes more apparent when trying to keep them concealed. Sometimes this is easier said than done, for example in a home this is a lot easier to hide services in ceiling space versus inside an apartment.
Much the same as the structural engineering of the building, the mechanical engineering begins early in the design stages. Depending on the complexity of the building the timing that the services get engineered becomes critical due to the space required to conceal them.
When we design your building, we involve the different mechanical engineers from the beginning. This way as we go through the building design process we get to see potential clashes with services before construction starts. Saving a lot of change requests during construction.
Armed with your list of requirements for each service our design team will ensure that they are met. If we see an area for improvement, we point out these opportunity’s explore the options.
By the time the design is finished, the completed set of mechanical plans will detail everything from the height of power points to the location of air conditioning grills.



If you are not familiar with construction, you are not likely to know a lot about structural plans. As the name suggests, structural plans detail exactly that, the structure of the building. For clarity, an architect makes the design of the building and ensures all the legal requirements for minimum room sizes and disability access, etc are met. Where as the engineer designs the structural elements that make the building work.
The engineering team develops the structure either directly with the architect or after the initial design has been completed. When it comes to designing simple buildings the engineering can sometimes happen at the end of the final design, however this rare.
With complex buildings, the engineering becomes critical and starts early during the design process. Starting the engineering early ensures the structural element sizes and limitations can be identified giving the architect opportunity to incorporate them into the final design. For example, if the architect designs a wall to hide columns, the engineer needs to work out if the column will fit inside the proposed wall. As you can imagine, if the architect completes the design and then gives the plans to the engineer this could be a problem. The engineer might come back and add a whole bunch of structural elements the architect didn’t allow for in the design. This is going to result in the building looking entirely different.
When we design the building, we make all the elements of the building work together. We ensure that the structure of the building fits with the design of your building. We take the time to develop the structure so that your building whether a new home or new commercial building meets the design brief.
We know that you didn’t spend the time working on your overall design of the building to find out that the structural components don’t fit. We take the time to ensure we can make all the components work together.