What are architectural plans? Architectural plans are the detailed plans or drawings that show what the building is meant to look like once completed. It is important to note that architectural plans are different from engineering plans.

Architectural plans contain some fundamental types drawings that make up a complete set. These are the following;

• Cover page (which includes a list of all drawings)

• Site plan

• Building elevations

• Floor plans or layouts (there is one for each level), Section views (these are a cross section view as if you cut the building in half)

• Details (close ups of various parts of the building) Window and door schedules (sometimes these are including in the specifications).

The final document which complements the architectural drawings is a document called the specifications. The specifications include details about what fixtures to use, paint colors, and any other details that haven’t been covered in the architectural drawings.
These are the plans as a builder owner you need to pay the most attention too. It’s so important that you spend time with our team to ensure we have covered all the details. These drawings are exactly what your building will look like when completed.
We spent as much time as needed with you, so both party’s are clear in every detail. Not everyone can visualize what the completed building will look like by looking at the different drawings.
To help show what the completed building will look like, we develop 3D rendered versions of the architectural plans. These renderings show what the building looks like from a 3D perspective. This way you get a much better understanding of your new building.