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New building products are coming out on a daily basis. There is one product that we use and recommend, the ‘AIRLIGHT Building Panels’ by Wanessa-Sue Inc.
These panels are a prefabricated system has the steel framing and insulation as one whole panel. The system has been developed keeping ‘Green building’ best practices in mind. The combination of insulation materials and engineered steel structure contribute to achieving its energy efficiency. As the panels are made to order, there is a lower amount of material waste produced compared to conventional on-site construction.
AIRLIGHT uses expanded polystyrene (EPS), this one of the most efficient insulation materials available. EPS is the same material used in cold room construction, think about that for a moment. The manufacturing process ensures that there are no gaps or voids between the steel framing and the insulation. The lack of voids restricts the transfer of heat between surfaces of the panels. All of this creates a remarkable thermal rating which you will notice in your heating and cooling costs.

Getting this kind of thermal rating with conventional on-site wall construction is tough.
With the light weight nature of the materials used in the AIRLIGHT panels, the installation is quick and simple. The installation process is so efficient that if you are to visit the site every couple of days, you could miss them being erected. The speed of installation reduces the overall time to complete your building.
AIRLIGHT Building Panels have been independently fire tested to meet ‘NFPA 101; Life Safety Code’. In the event of a fire, the panel structure and insulation will not burn, significantly reducing the risk of fire spreading to other areas of the building.
As the panels use steel for the structural framing at the required centers, all types of linings can be utilized. The steel structure maintains straight lines which help to keep everything looking good.
This product is not limited to use in residential applications. For example in a commercial warehouse, the panels are a perfect product to build the office areas.
When you are looking at your next building project, it is worth taking a look at AIRLIGHT Building Panels.


Axial Load Test Program– Average Ultimate Load was 20,420 lbs

Racking Shear Test Program– Mean peak force, 5470 lbs, mean displacement at peak force 1.697 in.

Transverse Load Test Program– Average Ultimate Transverse Load (psf) 136.3, maximum deflection 0.424.

Flammability Testing to NFPA 286– COMPLIES with NFPA 101; Life Safety Code, 2009 Edition, Section, 2009 IBC Section 803.1.2, and 2009 IRC 316.6.

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